There are many reasons to meditate, often people seek help or more clarity in their lives, some want to realize their ideas, others are looking for knowledge. In any case, meditation means to experience more awareness, to direct attention inward and to draw from the source of one's own being.

The traditional teachings focus above all on thinking, which means to linger in concepts and models of thinking. Feelings usually receive little attention there as a source of knowledge, but are subordinated to thinking or considered disturbing.

Meditation as I understand it is holistic and creates unity from the inner and deepest feelings and memories of man. For man is a being that exists not only in the spirit, but above all in the soul and from the heart.

Humanity today lives in a time that is very different from the past. The new age needs new ways and answers, especially the natural practice of meditation. Man asks deeper questions about the meaning of his work and the effects of his actions. The Philosophy of Light Awareness opens the understanding for the connectedness of all existence, and thus sets accents that include and expand the previous view.

The meditation training helps to achieve more clarity, more truthfulness, more peaceableness and supports you in your personal liberation from attachments. It is an important step towards their development for all those who want to free themselves from burdens. The intensive study of the themes of meditation enables you to feel, recognize, experience and guess more about what is in you and what you would like to activate.

All those who are inspired by the desire to bring other people into their power, to lead groups or to expand group processes to the joy of all, make significant progress with the help of meditation. Your desire for self-knowledge and self-healing releases your inner powers and shows new ways to fulfillment – and at the same time you remain free and independent.

All those who want to free themselves from their blockages in thinking, feeling and acting now have the chance to achieve this as quickly as possible.

All those who want to actively and independently shape their lives come to their insight and experience how they can activate their energy for it.

All those who want to integrate the new awareness and the power and vibration of the new time into their lives come to higher consciousness, because meditation according to the understanding of Light Awareness supports you in this. It even makes it possible to treat existing ailments. All those who want to achieve something meaningful and good, be it for themselves or for their loved ones, come through meditation to the insights that lead on. This knowledge, these experiences and insights are eternal and can never be taken away from you. Letting yourself in for it changes everything, finally making the difference between the old and the new.

Start of studies

September 2020

Length of training

I want you to be properly and well trained. This is what I stand for, David Wared, with my name. Therefore, the training lasts 13 months and takes place once a month on a weekend. Start of studies will be announced.


Light Awareness Academy
Stresemannstr. 43
40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

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„Silence and spiritual tranquillity
is the place between thoughts
and the spoken word.“

David Wared

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