Training for Light Essence Therapist
Training for Light Essence Therapist

Light Essence Therapy Training

The offer includes the Light Essence Therapy and the training modules for philosophical consultants based on David Wared's Philosophy of Light Awareness. The training as a Light Essence Therapist takes place in 24 seminar units (2 years), which usually follow each other monthly. Each seminar runs over a weekend, some seminars are combined in an educational trip.

With an intermediate examination and a final examination you document your knowledge and are able to apply the worldwide novel Light Essence Therapy. You will learn all the essentials about the philosophical foundations, the healing methods and will be optimally prepared for your future tasks as a therapist in healing exercises and healing journeys.

Of course you can use the Light Essence Therapy for your own healing and mental liberation, your mental balance and your physical vitality and healing.

The training lasts two years including the examinations. It comprises 24 units, usually lasting two days. You will also learn about the topics and dates of this training.

1st year of training

In the first year of training you will learn the basics of the Philosophy of Light Awareness and learn the most important methods of self-perception and self-healing. This opens your mind to the subtlety of the spiritual dimensions, so that you can absorb and pass on the Light Essence yourself. An essential concern is the cleansing of past aspects in order to enable you to self-knowledge and self-perception and to free yourself from disturbing influences of the past. With the help of meditation, your consciousness is considerably expanded in its perception and creative power and tuned in to healing and transformation. In this way you will learn to understand Light Essence Therapy as an expression of reality and to apply the pure, universal light vibration for healing and other forms of self-expression.

An intermediate examination takes place at the end of the first year. For the preparation we meet on a weekend in the group and treat questions and suggestions for the coming seminars.

The examination comprises a written and an oral part. After passing, you will receive a certificate certifying your basic knowledge of the Philosophy of Light Awareness and meditation. Before the beginning of the 2nd year, you will choose a topic for your thesis that focuses on healing and transformation.

2nd year of training

In the second year of training, your therapeutic skills will be deepened and intensively practiced in many areas. This will prepare you for your new and versatile tasks as a light-point-activator and Light Essence Therapist of the new age. They develop communication through the spiritual ether field and practice manifestation in material, soul related and spiritual levels. In initiations and briefings you will be enabled to serve as a channel for the universal Light Essence in the healing process.

You will experience how you can transform social and interpersonal life into light through your light effect and how you can help our earth to heal it by blessing it. With your trainers you transform your consciousness to such an extent that you achieve a higher degree of vibration and are enabled to heal with the help of subtle light energies.

You will document your experiences and findings on your path of awareness in your written thesis, taking into account the topic that you have agreed with your trainer after the first year of training. The deadline is approximately four weeks before the start of the final examination. Your written elaboration is the main topic of the oral final examination.

After passing the examination, you will receive a certificate that distinguishes you as a Light Essence Therapist.

With a week-long final journey we will complete our spiritual journey together and tune in to the task of applying Light Essence Therapy in practice and passing it on to others. All knowledge from the training is deepened together, and in a ceremony further channels for Light Essence transmission are opened. Of course, you will then have the opportunity to exchange experiences and continuously develop your knowledge in further training courses and meetings.

Who can participate?

The two-year training course is designed for therapists and interested people who want to heal and become healed in the new age of Light Awareness.

What are the initial requirements?

We assume that you are of legal age, but we can make an exception for children of light. The basic contents of the works Light Awareness Volumes 1 and 2 are deepened and put into practice. They are assumed to be known at the beginning of the training.

When and where?

New training course: due to the planned WORLD TOUR for PEACE there will probably be no further LET training courses before 2019

Training period: 2 years

Training location: Düsseldorf, Germany


The training costs 450,- Euro per month, payable in monthly rates. This includes the contributions for training courses, inaugurations, drinks and seminar documents as well as a piece of energetic jewellery. For the intermediate and final examination we charge a fee of 500,- Euro.

Further details can be found in the training contract.

You can find out more at

„The nature of love is peace in everything.
The nature of light is enlightenment in everything.
The nature of life is infinite in everything.“

David Wared

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