The new Time has already arrived in the world. It is marked by an understanding of feeling which so far has gone way beyond the awareness of humanity. More and more people feel the desire and the longing to experience themselves as a whole human being. We are constantly striving to awaken the feeling from the heart, in addition to thinking, so that the feeling human being can be born.

To this aim, the training seminars for Light Essence Therapists as well as a large choice of courses and seminars in meditation techniques, in Light Essence Philosophy and a new form of yoga created by David Wared are being offered. Dance therapy also created by David and informative speeches give further opportunities to develop the culture of the Heart. Potential and personality development rounds the offer off.

In these seminars, you learn how to open up new sources of strength for yourself and how to apply the methods of Light Essence Therapy. They are self-help, self-healing and self-mastery. An open and clear inventory is important which is at the same time a schedule for overcoming old emotional and thought blockages. To this aim, we use healing impulses and thus we have a better and larger access to our Eternal Self, which has always longed for self-expression.

Light Awareness Academy according to David Wared

The Light Awareness Academy is based on the main principles of Light Awareness:

Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Unity

The following three columns support them:

Healing and Meditation Healing and peace Training and Research
  • Promoting knowledge of the Self and of the All
  • Advising and supporting
  • Training and Research
  • Sharing
  • Development
  • Subtle perception and receiving healing impulses for individuals, for all of humanity and for the Earth
  • Light, Light-Anchoring, Self-healing, yoga, healing sessions, distant healing, focus and flow meditation
  • Overcoming lack and suffering, realizing one’s humanity
  • Advice, support and counselling
  • Potential analysis and development promotion in difficult processes and crises
  • Revealing your calling and your aims
  • Spiritual coaching, Life coaching, success orientated coaching for individuals, groups and organizations
  • Success and wealth on the outside
  • Fulfilment and peace inside
  • Sharing and development
  • Self-mastery through appropriation and application of Light Awareness Philosophy
  • Scientific exchange of experience
  • Trainings, seminars and workshops for Light Essence Therapy
  • Meditation and self-deliverance
  • Promotion of spiritual evolution for people
  • Recognition of the universal principles
  • Understanding, applying and sharing